FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Black Friday Promotion - Content to Expect and Market Preparation

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It’s coming up to that all important time of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team calendar, with the Black Friday Promotion soon to be released into the game.

Every year in FUT, there is always a tonne of panic in the community concerning a potential ‘market crash,’ causing thousands of players to become uneasy with keeping their teams out of fear of losing tonnes of coins.


This article will cover:

  • Content to expect from the Black Friday Promotion
  • Predictions for this years’ market and advice on how to get through the FIFA 20 Black Friday Promotion in the best way possible. 
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When is Black Friday in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

The FIFA 20 Black Friday is expected to drop on Friday 29th November. Last year, in FUT 19, the promotion started at 2pm UK, with pack lightning rounds and flash SBCs released pretty much every hour.

Content to Expect from Black Friday

Black Friday has historically been a very pack heavy promotion on FIFA Ultimate Team, with EA Sports dropping tonnes of packs in the store, as well as lightning rounds for desirable packs. 

Content to expect from Black Friday includes:

  • Packs. Lots of Packs. New Packs every hour. Lightning Rounds. 
  • Best of Team of the Week
  • Flash Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
  • Weekly Objectives


The Black Friday Promotion is the holy grail for FIFA Ultimate Team pack promotions. Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, starting from 2PM UK, new packs were released into the store every hour for over 3 days straight, either with personal or global limits, available for 1 hour each time.


Packs on sale included:

  • 35k Mega Packs
  • 45k Prime Gold Players Packs
  • 50k Rare Gold Players Packs
  • 55k Rare Mega Packs
  • 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs
  • 125k Ultimate Packs

Best of Team of the Week

Best of Team of the Week is set to return I’d imagine in this years’ Black Friday FUT promo. Best of TOTW is a selection of top past TOTW players that gets re-released into packs, giving players the chance to pack some of the top In-Form items released into FUT thus far.

Below you can see FIFA 19s ‘Best of Team of the Week’ that was released into packs for Black Friday. I’d expect something similar this year.

Flash Squad Building Challenges

Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team’s Black Friday Promotion, there were more than 25 Flash SBCs released during the event, allowing players to complete limited time SBCs for pack rewards. With each SBC only being available for a couple of hours each time, and some big pack rewards available at times, these flash SBCs can be great value.


Repeatable Squad Building Challenges

In previous years, Black Friday Promotions have provided us with a number of repeatable SBCs for people to sink their coins into. I’d predict repeatable TOTW packs to make a return this year with the best of TOTW being available in packs, and potentially SBCs for high rated cards, such as an 82+ upgrade SBC.

Daily and Weekly Objectives

Daily and Weekly Objectives are bound to feature again in FUT 20’s Black Friday Promotion. I’d expect some form of gameplay objectives for packs, or potentially even a new Black Friday Promo card type.

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Market Expectations for FUT 20 Black Friday

The ‘Black Friday Market Crash’ has become a staple for market panic in FUT getting on for the last decade of FIFA Ultimate Team. While some areas of the market around bound to go down, it’s not worth going crazy selling everything in your club out of fear of prices plummeting. 


Panic Before the Promo - Sunday Night to Friday Morning

I’d expect the market for meta players to be somewhat low after Weekend League this week in the run up to the start of the promo. This will be purely just to panic from players that expect their team to plummet from expected pack openings. Typically, over the years, FUT Content Creators talk about a ‘massive crash at Black Friday,’ whereas over the last few years, the real low has been before the promotion.

My advice - Invest and make teams before Black Friday if there’s a major dip in card value before the promotion. With Weekend League now being a factor, tonnes of people actually make their teams right after the first set of Black Friday lightning round packs, causing the market to fly in price for meta cards (Messi/Neymar/Mbappe etc).


Market Rise on Black Friday

In reality, as we’ve seen over the last few years, tonnes of people make their teams on Black Friday after opening packs during lightning rounds. With a new influx of coins, a lot of players can now afford top tier meta cards, such as high end golds like Messi, Mbappe etc, as well as top In-Forms and other promo cards. As a result, I’d expect these cards to actually rise after Black Friday hits. 

For example, Messi’s rise last year after Black Friday was crazy:94 Messi - 825,000 > 920,000 in the week after Black Friday

Cards to Consider Selling

While high end META cards (i.e. cards such as Messi/Neymar/Mbappe and Icons), will typically do well during Black Friday with many people being able to afford them after opening packs, there are some areas of the market that won’t do as well.

  • Low-End Gold cards will get supplied a tonne through Black Friday with the volume of packs being opened, so expect these to dip in price
  • SBC Fodder (Depending on the SBCs available) may dip in value if there’s a lot of supply with no high end SBCs to submit them back into.
  • The TOTW in packs during Black Friday will likely get very low in value with the supply of packs.
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