FIFA 20 Shapeshifters: Team 2 Squad Predictions And Players To Expect

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We’re a good few days into the new Shapeshifters Promotion in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and with a new squad of players expected to come into packs this Friday, what better time to look at some predictions of players we can expect to see!

Being based around cards with exciting new position changes, there are some heavily requested cards in this prediction, including a CM Trent Alexander Arnold, a CDM David Alaba, and a CB Fernandinho!

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Shapeshifters Part 2 Prediction

Franck Ribery - 91 CAM 

A more central position change for the legendary Frenchman would make him such a desirable card in FUT. A potential work rate change to High/Med would also allow him to perform well in CAM.

Angel Di Maria - 91 CF

A central Di Maria card is something that’s been lacking a little this year, and the Shapeshifters promo could be the time to drop this item into FUT.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - 90 CM

With Trent having played in midfield during his youth years, people are wondering if he could maybe get a CM item in FUT. With his incredible passing, he would be an awesome card to use.

Fernandinho - 90 CB

With the absence of Laporte for a large chunk of the season, the Brazilian has had to drop into CB at points this season, so could see a more defensive shapeshifter version in FUT.


Serge Gnabry - 89 CAM

While Gnabry has been predominantly a winger this season, there have been a couple of times where he’s played centrally and would be an awesome central card to have in FUT.

David Alaba - 89 CDM

One of the most requested position change items I’ve seen so far has been a David Alaba in either CB or CDM, and you can understand why. With all-round stats, he’d be a gamechanger for Bundesliga teams.

Aleksandar Kolarov - 89 CDM

A card that has been teased on social media, a defensive midfield version of Kolarov would be an absolute tank, being a strong defensive presence with a rocket of a shot from deep.

Memphis Depay - 89 LW

Depay could be a very usable LW in Ligue 1 and has played out there at points this season for Lyon.


Eder Militao - 88 RB

Despite being a very popular CB in FUT, Eder Militao could quite easily shift out to the right-hand side to provide a solid Brazilian RB option in FUT outside of icons.

Theo Hernandez - 88 CB

Theo Hernandez has been snubbed of both a Headliner and a Future Stars card in many people’s opinion, so maybe an 88 rated CB Shapeshifter card could be in the pipeline!

Quincy Promes - 87 ST 

More for the FUT fans this one, with Promes being a fan favourite this year. How good would a central, ST version of the Dutchman be?

Moussa Sissoko - 86 RB

We all know how popular Moussa Sissoko is this year, so a Shapeshifter card may be in the works to hype up squad number 2.


Emre Can - 86 CB

Having played CB a lot in his career, Emre Can could be a prime candidate for a Shapeshifter card at his new club Dortmund, and with very well rounded stats, could be a great addition!

Milot Rashica - 85 ST

The Kosovo ST has played a good amount of games up top at ST for Bremen this season and could be a lower-end inclusion in the 2nd Shapeshifter squad.

Shapeshifters Part 2 Release Date

The 2nd Shapeshifters squad will be released into packs on Friday, February 28th at 6pm UK, and should go out of packs on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6pm UK.