FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Guide: New Exciting Squad Building Possibilities Available with New Shapeshifters Cards

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The new Shapeshifters Promotion is well and truly live in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and with all the new position changed cards, there are tonnes of new squad building possibilities.

In this article, we go through a number of tasty new squads you can build in FUT, featuring the new shapeshifter cards, and links to exciting new cards, and pre-existing cards that have been difficult to link into squads!

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Nández & Hateboer - Top Serie A Defensive Options

Two very usable new cards in Serie A defenses have to be Nahitan Nandez from Cagliari, and Atalanta’s Hans Hateboer. 

With tradeable Serie A RBs lacking massively, Hateboer fills that gap massively, and links to TOTY De Ligt very nicely, as well as fellow TOTY CB Virgil Van Dijk. Being from Atalanta also, if you completed the Road to the Final Gomez SBC, you have a great strong link to utilize.

Nahitan Nandez looks to be a great little CB in the Serie A, looking like a Cannavaro-esque type of player, being a little smaller. The Cagliari link to Radja Nainggolan is the main attraction with this card, finally providing a solid defensive strong link to the Belgian midfielder.

Mbabu & Kainz - Bundesliga Beasts 

Florian Kainz is a great looking Shapeshifter card for under 100k, with 4* Skills, 5* Weak Foot and solid all-round stats. With great links to the Storyline Verstraete, as well as the new Bundesliga League SBC Lainer, you can create some very original squads with this card.


Kevin Mbabu looks to be a super interesting card, being a 95 Pace CDM that could also double as a RB in-game. As a link, I’d be looking to take the 88 Akanji from this season’s rewards.

Kondogbia & Marcelo - La Liga 

In La Liga, there are a number of top Shapeshifter options that you can use to bring in some great new cards in FUT.

Geoffrey Kondogbia looks an awesome new card, and with the link to the new Winter Refresh 86 Florenzi, you can easily fit him into your squad, to play either as a CB or in the midfield.

Moving forward, the latest SBC release 86 Olaza can be utilized in the midfield as a defensive midfielder option, linking to the popular Future Stars 91 Valverde, allowing a link to arguably the most popular player in the Shapeshifter squad - 91 Marcelo.

Mertens - Complete Napoli Front 3

The Napoli front 3 looks very tasty with Mertens out on the left-hand side, it has to be said. With the new upgraded 89 Politano from the Serie A Milestone Objective on the right-hand side and the very popular 89 Insigne Scream card in the centre, there’s no doubt for me that this would be a brilliant attacking trio to utilize in FUT.


Ben Yedder, Atal & Sanches - Ligue 1 

Ligue 1 has been somewhat of a tricky league to fully utilise this year, however in recent weeks, there have been a number of really impressive cards that you can start using in your teams.

In this Shapeshifters team, the 90 Ben Yedder at RW allows for a scary front 3 alongside Neymar and Mbappe, plus the option of a 4th attacker with the 88 Future Stars Academy Osimhen is a real shout.

Youcef Atal’s 86 Shapeshifter item is absolutely stunning and can do a job pretty much anywhere on the pitch, be it as a ST, a winger, a midfielder, or even as a more attacking defensive midfielder. He can really do it all, and with links to the new 87 Cyprien available in League SBCs, he’s really quite easy to link into your side.

Finally, Renato Sanches is a great budget Shapeshifter option for me. With great all-round stats, you can play him as a LB option, or move him into the midfield as a CDM, and provides a great strong link to Osimhen.

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Matt Thomas