FIFA 20 Winter Refresh: How Do Winter Upgrades Work in Ultimate Team?

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Every year in FUT, there are plenty of questions regarding how Winter Upgrades work in-game. Luckily for you, we've put together this handy guide.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind.

How Does Winter Refresh Work?

  • If a player has an updated rating, the new base version will be available in packs.
  • Previous base versions (i.e. the card before the upgrade), do not receive upgrades.
  • In-Form and other special cards may be upgraded, depending on the level of the upgrade of the new base version.
  • If stats on the new base upgrade exceed stats on previously released special items, you’ll see special items receive an upgrade.


The In-Form Upgrades system can be found below

62 > 7263 > 7364 > 7465 > 7566 > 7567 > 7668 > 7669 > 7770 > 7871 > 7872 > 7973 > 7974 > 8075 > 8176 > 8177 > 8178 > 8279 > 8280 > 8381 > 8482 > 8483 > 85 84 > 8685 Onwards > +1

So let’s take Sadio Mane for example, who’s base card is currently an 88 in FUT.

If he receives an upgrade to an 89 rated gold card to reflect his fantastic league form, you’ll see all his previously released In-Form items get an upgrade of +1. 


As we move closer towards Winter Upgrades, be sure to keep an eye on SoFIFA’s page, as they’ll constantly be updating a tonne of player ratings!

We’ll release a full list of potential Winter Upgrades candidates in a few weeks!


Winter Ones To Watch

Winter Ones to Watch will feature as a big part of the Winter promotions, taking a selection of recently transferred stars and giving them special dynamic cards.

These dynamic cards will upgrade every time that player receives an upgrade. They will start on the same rating as their most recent in-form card.

You can read all about Winter Ones to Watch here.