FIFA 20 Players are not happy about the Winter Ratings Refresh - do they have a point?

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FIFA 20's Winter Refresh is here, meaning players are having their clubs, skills, and all-important ratings adjusted in line with their real-world performance over the last few months since their respective seasons began.

While many players are due some big upgrades, fans have taken to the FIFA subreddit to air their disappointment at the players that they feel have been unfairly snubbed by the development team.


User gameplan24 posted a lengthy complaint about players and entire leagues deemed to have been glossed over by EA with the dramatically titled "Winter Refresh - The knife twists and goes deeper". That said, they make a fair point.

"So this year we have been provided with a list of players that got at least +3 overall. Every single one from a Top 5 league.

Not a single player outside the top 5 is due an overall upgrade. (Edit: except Andre Onana, a goalkeeper for you guesses it Ajax) Fifa 17 was the most inclusive Fifa ever. Look at FUT birthday.



TOTS full squads from Russsia, Belgium, Eredivisie etc. And from there it has just got worse every year."

Meanwhile, u/M4C10 expresses his surprise at the excitement around the refresh and the new Prime Icon Moments with the catchily titled "I don’t get it!!!" thread that you can find here.

"I still don’t understand why some people are excited (sic) for PIM?? I’ve played FIFA for 10+ years and never packed Messi, Ronaldo or and Icon."

Sounds like sour grapes to us, but what do you think? Is EA focusing too much on the biggest leagues in the sport and neglecting lesser-known ones?