FIFA 20: Player Rating Downgrades For FIFA's Biggest Players

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FIFA 20 grows closer with each passing day. The overall ratings of some of it’s biggest players is always a hot topic and we can hope to hear more about this at Gamescom 2019. With FIFA 20's Ultimate Team information coming in due course and the top 100 player ratings to be revealed, we thought we would highlight ten players that we think deserve a downgrade in FIFA 20.

Cristiano Ronaldo (94>93)

After 9 seasons in Madrid, Ronaldo made his way to the Italian champions in search of a new challenge. The challenge that he encountered, was his ability to find the same elite form he had at Real Madrid.


Now before people laugh at this idea, consider the fact that this is his lowest goal tally in a season since his debut at Madrid in the 2009/10 season; he scored 28 goals in 43 games this season. It could be argued his 14 assists and Portugal’s victory in the European Nation League Finals made up for this.

His closest rival, Lionel Messi, once again impressed last season with 51 goals in all competitions. With Ronaldo and Messi both being rated 94, which is the highest rating for a base card in the game, you have to consider there’s a big difference in their personal achievements this season.

Alexis Sanchez (87>85)

The switch from London to Manchester in 2018 was anticipated as a revolutionary transfer for United; describing it as a flop would be more accurate.

Fourty-five appearances have resulted in just 5 goals for Sanchez at Manchester United. This is a woeful conversion rate compared to his goals to game ratio for Arsenal; almost one in two.

Unless his performance in the 2019 Copa América is considerably better than his recent Manchester United campaign, it's a hefty downgrade for the Chilean.

Romelu Lukaku (87>86)

Lukaku has received a lot of stick this season from football fans around the world, especially after Manchester United's 6th place finish.


In comparison to last season, Lukaku only fell short of his previous league tally by 4 goals - scoring 12. However, when you compare all competitions, he only scored 15; last season he managed 27 with 12 assists.

We will likely see a downgrade even if he were to move to Inter Milan.

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Ciro Immobile (87>86)

The Italian striker had an incredible season last year for Lazio, as a result he was awarded an 87 rated card. In the previous season he accumulated 41 goals in 47 appearances, 29 of those came in the league.

This season he hasn’t quite hit the same mark, only achieving 19 goals in 46 games. Scoring 15 goals in a league season is nothing to be sniffed at, but it’s far from the form that saw him gain a +5 upgrade from FIFA 18.

Lazio’s lack of European football could present a problem when it comes to holding on to his services, a big money move could maintain his rating from declining.


Mauro Icardi (87>86)

Another Serie A striker that hasn’t been on the boil this past season is Mauro Icardi. In a season that started out promising, quickly fizzled out; not helped by his issues with the club internally.

Icardi only scored 17 goals in 37 appearances, 11 of which came in the league. For a striker at a team such as Inter, it’s not the type of form that will keep your rating at 87 - his 29 goals last season in all competitions gained him a +3 overall rating.

Icardi’s problems could be resolved with a move to a big club this summer, but the arrival of Antonio Conte could keep him rooted for a little while longer.

Raphael Varane (86>85)

In 2018, the Frenchman managed to win the Champions League and the World Cup; resulting in his team of the year card for FIFA 19.

Real Madrid’s poor season will no doubt play a big part in Varane’s downgrade. They lost 12 games this season and conceded 46 goals; it’s hard to think of a time that Real Madrid managed to lose that many in one season.


If you also take into account France’s less than ideal start to the Euro 2020 qualifiers, losing 2-0 to Turkey, as well as failing to qualify for the European Nations League Finals, he is a likely candidate to get a downgrade.

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Paulo Dybala (89>88)

At 25 years of age, Dybala is reaching his peak in ability. With the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, they have been less reliant on his goal contribution.

Despite playing in a more creative position, a return of 10 goals in 42 games is certainly a disappointing return compared to last season’s 26 in 46. In fact, this is the first season Dybala has failed to score more than 10 goals in the league since the 2013/14 season; it also doesn't help his case with his poor assist contribution.

With no informs to his name, it’s a likelihood he will suffer a small downgrade.

Naldo (86>85)

The veteran centre back has been a strong asset to any FUT squad for a number of years now. His speed and presence at the back has made him a strong player to start with in past games.


Naldo joined Monaco in January of 2019, no doubt to stop their fall from grace and avoid relegation. Naldo only made 7 appearances since his switch from Schalke and in that time he failed to impress. In his first two games, he was sent off; he received two red cards in the space of 7 days.

With this in mind and his age catching up with him, a downgrade is very likely to hit the Brazilian defender.

Gareth Bale (88>87)

The Welsh winger hasn’t always been at top form during his stay at Real Madrid, there’s lots of speculation he may even leave the Galaticos this summer.

Real Madrid’s poor season was reflected in Bale’s stats. His goal tally in the league was halved to only 8 - overall he scored 14 goals in 42 games. The only thing that Bale can be proud of from the past season, is a place in the FUT Team of the Group Stage for the Champions League.

If Bale were to move clubs, it would certainly seem like a downgrade for a 29 year old who’s not performing.

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Gonzalo Higuain

The Argentinian striker is another man that has fallen out of form and was been banished from the Juventus camp this season. Higuain failed to impress on loan with both AC Milan and Chelsea.

In total, Higuain managed 13 goals in 40 games (across his two loans). This is a huge difference from previous seasons, in fact this is the first time that he’s failed to score 20 goals since his 2012/13 season at Real Madrid.

Only one inform this year and with his future being unsure, it’s likely we could see a downgrade in FIFA 20.

What do you think about these downgrades? Is there anyone that should get a downgrade? Tweet us!

Gamescom 2019 is coming in August and we should see a lot more information about player ratings. Read more about Gamescom here.



Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91