FIFA 20: Headliners Review, Player SBCs, Market Impact And When To Buy (FUT Weekly Friday Flash Podcast Episode 2)

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The latest promotional event has dropped within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, this time we're treated to the Headliners event with a few changes from last years rules. Ben and Matt discuss how much of an impact these cards will have on the game and the market as well as discussing the latest SBCs.

The FUT Weekly Podcast presents the 'Friday Flash' powered by Gfinity - every Friday Ben and Matt will be reviewing the most recent content within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, as well as talk about upcoming promotional events and what is happening in the wider FUT world!

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FUT Headliners

The guys discuss the latest promotional event (FUT Headliners), how it works and what you can expect to see including the latest SBCs that come with it.

You can read the latest information for the Headliners here.

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Player SBCs

Ben and Matt dedicate a nice portion of the podcast to discuss the latest SBCs and which ones you should invest your coins in.

Future Stars

Future Stars is likely to be the next promotional event, you can read more about it here.

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Season 4 Objectives

Season 4 arrived this month and you can check out our review here.


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Episode 1

Missed episode 1? Check it out here.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91