FIFA 16: Top 20 Goalkeepers

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Over the next week, we will be bringing you a full breakdown and analysis of the best players in FIFA 16.

Previously, we brought you a list of the 20 highest rated Premier League players. Today, we’ll be switching things up, as we review the best Goalkeepers within FIFA 16.


The Goalkeeper is arguably the second most important player on the pitch, behind your main striker.

Although many people within FIFA, especially Ultimate Team, place little importance upon the man in the net, there is no point being able to attack and defend well, if your poorly rated GK can’t even catch a ball properly.

So, let’s take a look a look at the Top 20 Goalkeepers in FIFA, as we study their attributes and decide which one is right for your Ultimate Team squad.

20. Jasper Cillessen 82 – Ajax Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

19. Fernando Muslera 82 – Galatasaray (Uruguay)

18. Salvatore Sirigu 82 – Paris Saint-Germain (Italy)

17. Yann Sommer 82 – Borussia Mönchengladbach (Switzerland)


16. Marc-André ter Stegen 82 – FC Barcelona (Germany)

15. Asmir Begović 82 – Chelsea FC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

14. Stéphane Ruffier 83 – Saint-Étienne (France)

13. Diego Alves 83 – Valencia CF (Brazil)

12. Claudio Bravo 83 – FC Barcelona (Chile)

11. Joe Hart 83 – Manchester City (England)

10. Steve Mandanda 83 – Olympique  de Marseille (France)


9. Samir Handanovič 83 – Inter Milan (Slovenia)

8. Iker Casillas – FC Porto 84 (Spain)

7. Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon 84 – Juventus (Italy)

6. Hugo Lloris 84 – Tottenham Hotspur (France)

5. Bernd Leno 84 – Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)

4. Petr Čech 85 – Arsenal (Czech Republic)

3. Thibaut Courtois 86 – Chelsea FC (France)


2. David de Gea 86 – Manchester United (Spain)

1. Manuel Peter Neuer 90 - FC Bayern München (Germany) 

Now, the questions is, who do you pick?

Well, it all depends on what type of FIFA Ultimate Team squad you plan on creating.  Will it be an all-star XI? The best of the Premier League? Or an all-Spanish side?

Whatever you choose, it’s important that you have a strong keeper at the base of your team, who not only has good overall stats but also can bump up your team’s chemistry.

Personally, I prefer to build my teams from back to front, rather than front to back, as it establishes a strong foundation.

Let’s say for example, you have chosen a Premier League squad, I would opt for Thibaut Courtois as my Goalkeeper. Why? Well the first thing you have to consider is who will be playing in front of your GK.


Ideally, your two Centre Backs will have a strong chemistry link between themselves and the Goalkeeper, in addition to possessing some impressive stats. Therefore, if you chose Courtois, not only do you have one of the highest rated keepers in the Premier League, but you also have the option to pair him with a player from either Chelsea or Belgium.  

As a result, I would use these links to bring in John Terry, as his defensive stats are very highly rated, and Vincent Kompany, who has amazing all round stats. From here you can build a Premier League team around Chelsea and Manchester City, probably the best two English sides in the game this year.

Here’s what I came up with:


Who are you going to pick for your Goalkeeper in FUT and why? Let us know in the comments!

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