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Battlefield 6: Will There Be Crossplay And Cross Platform Gameplay?

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Battlefield 6 is set to release in 2021, however, fans are hoping we get some news regarding it at next months' EA Play.


We know little details regarding the next iteration of the Battlefield series, but there are some aspects of the game we can speculate on already. 

So, will there be crossplay for the next Battlefield? DICE's practices from previous games point towards the future of crossplay!

Cross-Platform In Battlefield 6

Taking a look back at Battlefield V, the game, unfortunately, does not support crossplay. This means that PC players cannot get into the same lobbies as console players and vice versa.

It is unknown why DICE and EA have been so hesitant to implement crossplay within the series. Fans have asked for cross-console matchmaking for quite some time now but to no action from the developers.


With the release of the next generation consoles coming later this year, Battlefield 6 has a great opportunity to take hold of the newest consoles. One can assume the feature of crossplay is being heavily looked at going into 2021.

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With Call of Duty Warzone now introducing cross-play to the franchise, it's another hurdle for Battlefield to overcome to stay in the conversation as one of the best FPS games.


We do not know how the Xbox Series X and PS5 are going to handle crossplay with titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, so perhaps DICE is going to wait and see before making a final decision.

Apex Legends, one of EA's other FPS and battle royale properties, also doesn't have cross-platform play right now, but it will be coming at some point in the near future; we must assume this will be a big selling point for Battlefield.

Whether or not they implement the feature in 2021 is still unknown as of now, but one can hope!

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