10 Questions with Gfinity FIFA Series Feburary LQE champion PSV Pinna

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PSV Esport's Stefano Pinna is without a doubt one of the best PS4 FIFA 19 players in the world right now.

After several great performances in major tournaments this year, he has just won his first FIFA 19 Global Qualifier in the Gfinity Arena, proving consistency and hard workd do pay off.

We sat down with the Belgium pro and asked him 10 quick fire questions to find out, how he started his pro FIFA career and all about him.



1. Where were you born and when did you start paying games?

I was born in Belgium and I started playing games in 2003.

2. Did you ever play or play any games besides FIFA?

I played PES at the beginning and now, when I have some time, I play Fortnite. 

3. When did you start playing FIFA? Which year? How old were you?

I started with FIFA 13, I was 15 years old.


4. What made you go PRO?

I think it was when I played in my first big tournament in Barcelona last year, that’s what me made go pro and of course my signing with PSV.

5. How get selected to play for PSV Esports? 

I played a couple times against PSV pros in competition, so they contacted me and asked if I was interested to play for them It is a very good feeling to play for PSV.

6. You have been one of the TOP PS4 players in the world for a while, how hard is it to stay there, with such fierce competition?

It’s very hard because you need to be very consistent and perform big on every tournament you play.

7. Which player has been your biggest rival this season and why?


I think FCB Nicolas99FC. He is the No.1 pro player on the PS4 world ranking and he is also very consistent and always one of the best PlayStation players in the tournaments.

8. You have just won your first LQE, how did you feel?

I feel really good, because I lost 2 cross console finals before, so I just wanted to win a big tournament so that the people could see I’m also one of the top players besides Nicolas, F2Tekkz & MsDossary.

9. You are now ranked second best PS4 player in the world, what do you plan to achieve in the rest of this season?

I just want to qualify for the FifaEWorldCup and play on the biggest stage like last year, and of course I want to keep winning tournaments.

10. What is your biggest goal as a pro FIFA player?

My biggest goal as a FIFA PLAYER is of course to win the eWORLD CUP. Last year I was close, but this year I want to win it.

Stay tuned for more FIFA 19 news and player interviews coming soon!