A Chilean Player Has Been Permanently Banned From The Capcom Pro Tour Due To Unsportsmanlike Behavior

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In response to the Chilean Street Fighter 5 player's behavior, Capcom has banned him from the Capcom Pro Tour and official Capcom events indefinitely. 'BLK_Shadow' allegedly exchanged words with another player and the tournament organizers during the CPT South America West 1 qualifier event.

The details of the argument have not been released, but it appears the other competitor requested that 'BLK_Shadow' undergo a speed test. Here is the other player's sponsor Hadoken Dojo Gamer:

"On May 22 during the CPT South America West 2021 event, our player was publicly insulted and harassed by the player known as 'Shadow', who persecuted him for having requested a connection test given his history in other tournaments against multiple opponents in the past,"

This is from a May 24 post. Capcom is doing its best to keep the details under wraps for the time being.

What will happen during the Capcom event now?

After apologizing, BLK_Shadow was banned from all future Hadouken Dojo Gamer events, and the team encouraged more organizers to consider taking similar measures. Capcom has issued its first player ban of the season following its expansion of player conduct guidelines for the Competitive Play Test, which includes new harassment and social media rules.

Christina "CeroBlast" Tran, Dalauan "LowTierGod" Sparrow, and Ryan "FChamp" Ramirez were all banned from competitive gaming in 2020 as well for transphobic and racial slurs and statements. CeroBlast is the only competitor to have been lifted from the ban. BLK_Shadow's presence in the CPT will likely be subject to conditions before it can return. The CPT organizers will most likely expect 'BLK_Shadow' to apologize and to change their behavior before he comes back.

Capcom tends to use this format for many bans, but they all mean the same thing: "Stop acting inappropriately and make the pros look bad." We will keep you updated on any updates on player bans as they occur.

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