Skullgirls: New Umbrella DLC Now Available in Alpha

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After some of the Skullgirls tournament matches concluded in EVO 2021 Online Series, Hidden Variable Studios has released the Alpha version of Umbrella as a playable character in Skullgirls. Armed with her umbrella, Hungern, she sports a playstyle that involves eating up her foes and getting damage bonuses the longer she doesn't use the weapon.

Alpha Umbrella


As seen on her trailer, Umbrella fights using Hungern to lay the beat down on the foes. Unlike other fighters, Umbrella has to maintain Hungern's Hunger meter to gain bonuses on her attacks.

As seen on on her official development introduction, Hungern's meter has different states and can change once Umbrella lands specific attacks that eats her foes in battle. Hungern's meter can be Starving, Overstuffed, and Ravenous. When Hungern is starving, some of the umbrella moves may be weaker but attacks that involve eating Umbrella's foe are stronger. Meanwhile, Hungern can get Overstuffed when fed and gets bonuses whenever the weapon is used to summon things in the fight. Lastly, her Ravenous mode is a sweet spot near Starving where Umbrella would shine if the meter is maintained in this area.

It's unknown how the developers will execute this special system for Umbrella and may change as she gets developed further in the game.


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Updates As She Gets Developed More

As of now, Umbrella is still slated for release this August. Her Alpha release is still incomplete as some of her animations revert her to a state where her animation quality drops. During this Alpha state, Umbrella is still being developed before her official release. She may get new moves and major character overhauls depending on how her development and player interaction goes.

This development is similar to the first Season 1 DLC character Annie of the Stars. She was also introduced earlier to the game in Alpha and had incomplete animations for some of her attacks.


More DLCs To Come

After Annie and Umbrella, the developer still has three more characters to release for the Season 1 character pass of Skullgirls. We'll have to wait on the remaining months of 2021 to know more about the game's future characters.

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