Guilty Gear Strive New Story Mode Trailer and Character Introductions

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ArcSystemWorks has released a new trailer for their upcoming title Guilty Gear Strive, which showcases the new story mode and released information in a blog post introducing their upcoming characters.

As the PS4 and PS5 beta test #2 has now ended, players are now waiting for the 11th of June for the full release of the game, including PC players who unfortunately were not able to take part in the open beta test.


In the story mode, players can experience the guilty gear story "like a movie", with no input from their controllers.

Guilty Gear Strive New Story Mode Trailer and Character Introductions

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New players to the franchise will be able to pause at any time and view the glossary in the pause menu to find out information about the characters.

The story of Guilty Gear, spanning over 20 years, will finally come to a conclusion in “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“. The trials and tribulations of the series’ heroes and villains will finally be resolved. Discover the astonishing truth awaiting at the end of all things.

You can watch the story trailer below:


Player introductions can be found over on the blog post released by ArcSystemWorks today as they explore each character and the interaction between each other.

Beta players can have their final say about the game over on a survey provided by Arc System Works, to make sure their feedback is heard before the full release of the game on June 11on PS4, PS5, and PC through Steam.