Gamer recreates Goldeneye 007 in Far Cry 5

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Fans of older games often recreate their games using the Unreal Engine to see what they might look like. When fans lack the skills required to create levels, they sometimes use games with level creators. GoldenEye and Far Cry 5 were both affected by this.

The map editor of Far Cry 5 was used to recreate GoldenEye by a Youtuber named Krollywood. The end result looks excellent and is faithful to the game. If you were a fan of the Nintendo 64 version, it is definitely worth a look.

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Goldeneye reconstruction in Far Cry 5

Custom map editing in Far Cry 5 isn't too challenging to master. Using the tools available, players can construct their own scenarios easily once they have the basics down. With this editor, players do not have to limit themselves to merely building geometry and terrain; they can also place AI combatants and create complete objectives.

The proficiency of Krollywood is evident in their remake of GoldenEye, as they recreated the 18 levels from the classic Nintendo 64 game. Several maps, such as Archives and Facility, appear almost identical to their 1997 counterparts, with even less structured missions like Caverns and Surface capturing the feel of the 1997 version.

The Far Cry 5 editor has also demonstrated its power by allowing players to seamlessly move between different levels, with missions like Caverns and Cradle being part of the same map - something that would have blown 1997 gamers' minds.

The 18 Far Cry maps can be found by searching for the PSN username "Perfect-Dark1982," with all 18 of them being fully playable and even including enemies. All of the levels from the original game have been recreated, and "Easter eggs" are scattered across the Far Cry 5 maps. Krollywood has taken almost three years to complete the project. Krollywood's recreation of the game is so accurate that people online complain that GoldenEye's official remakes don't live up to it.

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