Far Cry 6: How to Save Your Game

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There's a heck of a lot to see and do as you fight your way across Yara in Far Cry 6. There's also nothing worse than working hard to free Yara of Anton Castillo's oppressive regime and worrying you may lose your progress. As such, you'll want to make sure your game progress can be saved as often as possible. To prevent disaster from happening when you're playing Ubisoft's latest Far Cry instalment, here's how manual saves and autosaves works in Far Cry 6.

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Far Cry 6: How to Save Your Game

The game uses autosave to track and save your game progress. This is the only save system in the game and can be seen in the top corner of the screen; whenever a white page icon flashes, the game is saving.

Because of this, there are few reliable ways to trigger a save if you're not sure that you've saved your Far Cry 6 progress for a short while. Here are some methods we're using at the moment to make sure our progress will be saved:

  • Discover new areas and travel between areas.
  • Main missions will save at regular checkpoints as they advance.
  • Fast Travelling to a location on the map. Hideouts are great for this.

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Can You Save Manually in Far Cry 6?


No, you unfortunately can't save your game manually in Far Cry 6. The game exclusively uses autosave. We recommend using the Fast Travel function, or our tips above, to save your game while outside main story operations, even if you've just cleared an outpost or done some other side activity in the open world.

Always look out for the saving icon — two white pages in the upper right-hand corner of your screen — when checking to see whether your progress has been saved. Do not exit the game while the icon is still on the screen, as this can lead to corrupted save files and lost data.

That's all you need to know about saving your game in Far Cry 6! For more on tackling Yara as Dani Rojas, be sure to check out our guides on acquiring the best weapons, including the Compound Bow. Elsewhere, there's our guide on travelling around Yara in style, using the four unlockable Rides on offer.