Far Cry 6: Can You Switch to Third Person?

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For the first time in the series, Far Cry 6 does offer some sections in third person. It's a little bit complicated, as the camera only switches during certain actions, and in areas around Yara. To clear up the confusion we've put together this guide on how third person works in the game. We'll take a look at whether you can switch from First Person while playing, and where the game will do it automatically.


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Far Cry 6: Can You Switch to Third Person?

Generally speaking, there is no way to switch to third person while playing Far Cry 6. The majority of the game is in first person view, and only a few exceptions exist where things will switch automatically. We'll cover these later on the article, but for now, there is no button or option that will let you switch the camera perspective to third person.


Dani fires out from the window of a convertible car, at a tank that's driving alongside

When Does the Game Switch to Third Person?

There are a couple of instances where Far Cry 6 will switch to a third person view. These are as follows:

  • Large Guerrilla Camps will automatically go into third person view. This is a good opportunity to take a look at the gear that you have equipped, and gives you a bit more of a view on your surroundings.
  • When using the Supremo, the game will briefly switch to third person. You can do this using L1/LB or R1/RB. Depending on what you have equipped, you'll see a different animation. From Molotovs to baseballs, all sorts can be fired out from this handy tool.

Is There a Third Person Mod On the Way?

It's possible that players will add in some sort of third-person mod in the future, though these tend to be tricky to pull-off correctly, especially in a game like Far Cry 6 that is very much designed to be played in first-person. In terms of official patches, there's no word from Ubisoft. I'd say it is unlikely that the dev will add in a dedicated third person option, but we will update this page with more info if we hear otherwise.

That's how third person works in Far Cry 6. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our guide on Making money as Fast as possible. Once you're done there, visit our page on all of the Rides that can be unlocked.