Strength in Numbers: Fallout 76 quest guide

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Strength in Numbers” is a main quest from the Fallout 76: Wastelanders update that launched in April of 2020. If you have access to Fallout 76, then you’ve got access to this content.

Once you’ve completed “Hunter for Hire,” speak to Duchess, the owner of the Wayward (a bar from the start of the Wastelanders storyline), and then you’ll be given “Strength in Numbers.” Tune your Pip-Boy’s radio to the transmitter signal to track down Duchess’s missing guards.


After finding a severed robot arm and a note on one of the dead Scorched, head to the Gauley mine to find the third, penultimate guard. One more remains somewhere: Polly. Look for a severed robot head, and you’ll have found Polly. Talk to her, and she’ll let you use her Assaultron eye-beam as a gun.

Take out the enemy Scorched here, and return to the Wayward to report back to Duchess. You can put Polly’s head on a jug of moonshine atop the bar.

Listen to the crew for a moment, and accept Sol’s transmitter. This’ll let you tag a new pristine body for Polly to claim as her own. Sol knows of a shop in Summersville that has one, but any Assaultron you can take in one piece should do the trick.

Once you’ve tagged the body for Polly, head back to the Wayward to talk to Duchess and finish out the “Strength in Numbers” quest.


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If it’s been a while since you’ve logged into Fallout 76, you can probably grab a handful of free items from the Atomic Shop right now — the “Platinum” icon, the “So sorry” emote, a Pioneer Scouts poster, a Vault-Tec duffel bag.

It’s worth checking the in-game store periodically for similar freebies.

Fallout season two ends on or around Tuesday, November 24.


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