Fallout 76 Shelters: How to start the Home Expansion quest

The Steel Dawn update arrived in Fallout 76 a week early, and it’s available free for anyone with access to the original game. The Brotherhood of Steel faction has established a small base, Fort Atlas, at the former Atlas Observatory. Hunger and thirst no longer punish players with health loss and modifiers. New NPCs and questlines await.

It’s a good week for Fallout players.

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“We’ve added a brief new quest, called ‘Home Expansion,’ to the game that all players must complete in order to gain access to the CAMP Shelters feature,” Bethesda writes in a new blog post.

“Begin the ‘Home Expansion’ quest by reading a Shelters Claim Center poster in Train Stations throughout Appalachia. Or find your way inside the Claim Center by locating a key in the northern Forest region.”

Fast-travel to Vault 51 and find a nearby hatch, or trapdoor, labeled “Shelters Claim Center.” Head straight through the entrance ahead and speak to the robot named Mr. Clark to progress through the “Home Expansion” questline.

You can access the most basic Fallout Shelter room for free as of November 24. Additional upgrades with more space will be added soon, and can be purchased through the Atomic Shop (for Atoms, the game’s premium currency).

After speaking to Mr. Clark, find the terminal nearby and register as a Shelter Owner. The computer has several pages of info explaining how Shelters are different from the original CAMP system.

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Bethesda launched the Steel Dawn update ahead of schedule on Tuesday night, November 24, introducing the Brotherhood of Steel faction and new story quests to Fallout 76.

This builds on the new NPC-based foundation laid down by the Wastelanders expansion back in April.

Fallout 76, Wastelanders, and Steel Dawn are free with Xbox Game Pass.

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