Fallout New Vegas 2 LEAKS: Release Date, Companions, Platforms, Price And Everything We Know

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When Obsidian Entertainment created Fallout New Vegas back in 2010, I don't think they expected it to be as big a hit as it was.

New Vegas leaned heavily on the work that Bethesda Game Studios did for Fallout 3, the indirect sequel captivated so many.

While Obsidian went on to make their own action role-playing game in 'The Outer Worlds', Bethesda continued work on Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Now the two have been reunited, thanks to Microsoft's acquisition Bethesda Studios, will undoubtedly the internet is pleading for a sequel.

Could Fallout: New Vegas 2 be a thing?

Latest News

Leaker Claims To Have Information - 4th May 2021

A leaker named Tyler McVicker claims to have information on Fallout: New Vegas 2. What that means for the game and franchise is unclear, but we would imagine it is very early talks at this stage.

Why We Could See Fallout New Vegas 2 Happen

The Fallout franchise has been on a knife-edge for a while now. Many players were not as overwhelmed with the release of Fallout 4 compared to some of its predecessors.

Things became even worse once Fallout 76 launched, a game that really wasn't ready to launch when it did.

The new RPG was online-only, meaning you couldn't inherently enjoy the world on your own and what was there was incredibly boring. It featured the same repetitive missions and tasks with little dialogue and few characters to interact with in-between.

While this is largely fixed in recent updates such as the Wastelanders DLC, most will have given up by that point, as the game suffered from huge performance issues at launch; some of which still plagues the game today.

Its post-launch didn't get much better, with fixes slowly being drip-fed into action and the addition of seasonal content two years too late.

While we have to respect Bethesda's ambition to grow, innovate and push the boundaries for one of the most popular franchises in the world, this was a stretch too far and one they couldn't afford to get wrong.

So how can Bethesda win their audience back, while we wait for the launch of Fallout 5? A sequel to New Vegas.

It's clear the appetite is there and fans are ravenous. If anyone even remotely connected to the game shares anything, players are quick to ask whether it's related to a New Vegas sequel.

Obsidian has stirred the pot by replying to a tweet from one fan with a simple shrug...

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With both brands now sitting under one roof, there could be a sly collaboration in the works.

Microsoft may even be pushing for it. It's clear they have big ambitions for Bethesda and see them as a key studio in their next-gen console battle.

Perhaps they aim to create New Vegas 2 an exclusive title for Xbox Series X and S?

There's a whole range of possibilities, but this one is certainly at the top of the wishlist.

Release Date

We have no release date, if the project hasn't started already, it could be a few years before we see it in action.



We can assume the game will feature on Xbox Series X and PC.

It could feature on the PS5, depending on Microsoft's stance on it being an exclusive title.


We would expect the game to cost £59.99.

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