Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update: Bethesda reveals more information about the upcoming patch

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Fallout 76's Wastelanders update could be the big update players have been waiting for, one that could fix the long-running issues that have plagued the franchise's first online experience.

The expansion is due to bring in new NPCs to quest with, chat to, and kill in cold blood, as well as rejigging the game's underlying systems.

Pete Hines of Bethesda has now revealed just how much is about to change.


Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update

In an interview with USGamer, Hines offered the following on the upcoming expansion when discussing the extensive new NPC dialogue.

“Yeah, of course they went much beyond what they were budgeted to do because designers can’t help themselves,” Hines said. “So they blew past their word count budgets.”

He also confirmed that questing will be instance-based, preventing you from being stuck with a quest you can't turn in because another player has offed the relevant NPC.

“We want you to be in The Wayward and have all your NPC interactions be based around you and your choices, not like I’m talking to an NPC and then somebody else walks up in the middle of that and just starts shooting everybody," Hines explained.

"Then they’ve made a choice that changes your choices. So it’s an instance to you and your party; anybody else who goes into The Wayward is going to be in their own version because your choices do matter.”

Turns out players like Fallout for dialogue and choices. Who knew?