Fallout 76 Shelters: Causing Outrage in Steel Dawn Update

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Steel Dawn has just dropped in Fallout 76 and many fans are loving the fresh new Brotherhood of Steel content in the game!

Though, as should always be expected, not everyone is happy.


Confusion has already left some fans upset about the latest release, but what did you expect?

This is Fallout 76 after all!

If you want to know how to obtain a free shelter or find out where the paid shelters are, here is everything we know!

The Shelter SNAFU

This shelter confusion situation happened with some players getting confused about why they did/didn’t receive one when Steel Dawn dropped.


Fallout 1st, a premium subscription survive for Fallout 76, had advertised it would give players who subscribe a free shelter.

Though when players logged on, they all found that a Shelter had been added to their inventory, with no difference between 1st and Regular players.

Fallout 1st subscribers were upset because their exclusive perk had been given to everyone, and free players were upset as they suddenly were carrying a heavy burden.


It was a mess!

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Though, thanks to a tweet from Bethesda Developer and Project Lead on Fallout 76, Jeff Gardiner, everything has been explained.

Hey folks want to clarify a few things with out early release of #Fallout76#SteelDawn. There is a free Shelter for everyone. The Fallout 1st exclusive shelter will come next Tuesday, along with an additional one in Atomic Shop. The challenge pass won't switch over until 12/15.
— Jeff Gardiner 🎮🤘 (@jg93)
November 25, 2020

Rather than Shelters being a 1st exclusive, instead, a specific kind of Shelter would be.


The feature rolled out for every player alongside Steel Dawn and at a later date, the 1st Shelter will be given out.

Gardiner also explained that another premium SHelter will be added to the Atomic Shop soon too!

Hopefully, his tweet will solve everything for now.

Though whenever there are more Fallout 76 outrages, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!