Fallout 76 Season 5 Start Date - When Does Steel Reign Start?

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Update - July 7, 2021 -


As per Bethesda Support, Fallout 76 will be brought offline for maintenance at 10:00 am ET today - that's 3pm BST - for all platforms so the developer can apply an update as they prepare to release Fallout 76 Season 5.

Update - June 13 E3 2021 -

Bethesda announced a Fallout 76 Season 5 start date of July 7. Season 5 is called Steel Reign and revolves around a mysterious spate of disappearances in Appalachia and the Brotherhood of Steel.

As always, Fallout 76 Season 5 is free for all players.


Check out the Fallout 76 Season 5 trailer below:

Fallout 76 Season 5: Escape From The 42nd Century is expected soon and as we get closer to the hearing more fans want to know when Fallout 76's Season 5 start date will be?

Fallout 76 Season 5 Start Date

Fallout 76's seasons tend to be rather inconsistent about how long they run for, so predicting the start date for Season 5 is a bit tricky.


Season 1 was less than three months, while Season 3 was more than four.

Bethesda has said that Season 4 will run "through July" so we can expect the Escape From The 42nd Century Season to start sometime in late July or early August.

Season 5 will introduce a new batch of content going by Steel Reign. With legendary crafting sets to be added and new legendary power armor you will forge the future of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel with new quests, new NPCs and new locations to discover.