Fallout 76: New Patch To Implement Free Respecs

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Although Fallout 76 had one of the most controversial releases in gaming history, the game has been thriving since.

The brand new Steel Dawn update released at the end of 2020; and the developers have been rolling out updates since.

Now, plans for future updates are already making fans excited for the future of 76.

Here's what's coming in the new patch! 



A brand new update for Fallout 76 is going to be pushed live next week.

More specifically, February 5th, 2021 is when players can expect this patch to go live.

While there is surely tons of content planned for the new update; a new report by Altchar.com has noted a long-awaited change is finally coming to 76.

This change is going to allow players to completely repsec their character within the game. 

While players are already able to perform respect within the game, it costs a pretty penny.

When the new update is pushed live next week, this respec option will become free for all players! 

This opens up a wide array of character options for players looking to change up their gameplay if they are bored of how their character is being played.

Be sure to let us know how you are going to change your character when the new update goes live next week! 


As well, let us know how you have been enjoying Fallout 76 since the game has been undergoing massive updates in recent months. 


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