Fallout 76: Best loot locations, weapons, and power armor

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If you’ve made some good progress through either of the two main quests in Fallout 76, sooner or later you’re going to need some better weapons and armor.

The game gets tough at higher levels, and a solid gun and some top-tier power armor can make a world difference. So let’s go over some of the game’s best.

All Rise melee weapon

The “All Rise” is a special super sledge that offers some amazing legendary perks (including a boost to your total HP).

It’s obtainable from the “Mayor for a Day” side quest in Watoga. Gain access to the quest by interacting with the computer in the mayor’s office at Watoga Municipal Center.


The Dragon .50-caliber rifle


The Dragon can be purchased from Grahm during the special limited-time “Meat Week” event that Bethesda switches on occasionally. (It’s one of the better activities Fallout 76 has to offer, in fact.)

It’s a muzzle-loading rifle that fires .50-caliber balls.

What makes it particularly special is that it fire four projectiles at the cost of one unit of ammunition, making it more viable than the majority of rare-ammo weapons.

Occasionally, you can also get it to drop from the Wendigo Cave boss fight or purchase it from the Whitespring Resort vendors.

Perfect Storm SMG


The Perfect Storm is a personal favorite.

Though it looks like your average submachine gun, it actually fires legendary incendiary rounds that burn opponents on a three-second timer (a “DOT” effect that damages enemies after they’ve been struck).

Obtain it by completing the “Cold Case” quest. To start the quest, speak to Miss Annie, a robot found at Wavy Willard’s Water Park.

Ultracite power armor


Ultracite armor will make you a lot more formidable in a high-level fight. And the good news is that you can get a full set of it in a single loot drop.

In the game’s original main quest, after you complete “Recruitment Blues,” you’ll be given another quest called “Belly of the Beast.”

This requires you to track down a series of transponders belonging to the Brotherhood of Steel. As you investigate these signals, you’ll learn more about the Scorchbeasts terrorizing Appalachia.

In the end, you’ll find an ID card belonging to Paladin Taggerdy. Take this to her room at Fort Defiance (in Cranberry Bog); you’ll be awarded the ultracite power armor for completing the quest.

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If it’s been a while since you’ve logged into Fallout 76, you can probably grab a handful of free items from the Atomic Shop right now — the “Platinum” icon, the “So sorry” emote, a Pioneer Scouts poster, a Vault-Tec duffel bag.

It’s worth checking the in-game store periodically for similar freebies.

Fallout season two ends on or around Tuesday, November 24.

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