Fallout 76 Wood Farm Locations (2021) | How & Where To Find a Lot of Wood

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In Fallout 76, players will need to cook food and build structures to start crafting good items. Wood is often a requirement for cooking and building in Fallout 76 and you could need quite a lot of it. Here's how players can get a lot of Wood for their needs in Fallout 76.

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Before You Start Farming Wood

Wood in Fallout 76 is fairly common when dismantling loot and finding it in the massive wilderness that maps often. However, the best places to get wood from are still specific items to dismantle and select areas that has chopped wood lying about.

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Best Locations To Farm Wood

So far, the Wood farming trips are great to do in these areas:

  • Helvetia - Yellow Town House in this area has a lot of wood ready for pickup.
  • Prickett's Fort - Two sheds, one inside and one outside the fort, have a storage of firewood stacked for farming
  • Sylvie and Sons Logging Camp - Just a lot of firewood all around this area. Pick up as much as you need.

What Items Give You Wood In Fallout 76?

Other than firewood on these areas, players can pick some dismantleable loot that can yield Wood. Here is the loot that you can dismantle to earn wood:


Once you got these Wood, cooking, building, and crafting anything will be an easy task.

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