Fallout 76 Leather Farm Locations (2021) | How & Where To Find a Lot of Leather

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In Fallout 76, leather is used in crafting armor and other weapons. Incorporating it into those objects can provide a better quality in terms of their base material. Keep reading as we explain how and where you can find a lot of leather in Fallout 76.

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What Items Give Leather In Fallout 76?

There are a decent number of items that can provide leather in Fallout 76, including baseballs and some toys. Here is the whole list for your reference:

  • Baseballs
  • Baseball Gloves
  • Brahmin Hide
  • Dolls
  • Teddy’s Bears
  • Clown Toys
  • Comrade Chubs
  • Deathclaw Hand
  • Deathclaw Hide
  • Mr. Fuzzy Toys
  • Fox Hide
  • Doll Parts
  • Imported Chinese Panda
  • Lil Ginger Snuggles
  • Megasloth Pelt
  • Mole Rat Hide
  • Rabbit Hide
  • Radstag Hide
  • Scorchbeast Wing Fragments
  • Snallygaster Hide
  • Stuffed Grizzly
  • Yao Guai Hide

Best Locations To Farm Leather In Fallout 76?

Here are some of the locations to farm leather in Fallout 76:

  • Camden Park, Horizon’s Rest, and Summersville – You can look for toys in these locations which can be broken down into leather.
  • Clarksburg – There are various stores here that have leather-based items.
  • Hunter’s Ridge – This location is filled with Radstag hides.

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