Fallout 76 Lead Farm Locations (2021) | How & Where To Find a Lot of Lead

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In Fallout 76, players are expected to be armed with guns to fight any foe in the game. However, players will need to have a steady supply of good ammo to keep solving your problems with firepower. Players will need to find Lead to supply their ammo needs which can be found in large batches but need alot of it. Here's how you can farm Lead in Fallout 76.

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Preparation To Farming Lead

Before you start running around Appalachia to farm lead, player are advised to get the Excavator Power Armor first. This armor will give your character more inventory to carry Lead and mine Lead at least four times faster.

Getting this armor can be done by getting the Power Armor blueprints in the Garrahan Mining headquarters in Ash Heap. The blueprints can be found in the Power Armor manufacturing room in this mine. Alternatively, asking friends who have the blueprint can help you craft this set before you set off to Lead.

Best Locations To Farm Lead In Fallout 76?


One of the best areas to farm lead is from the Lucky Hole Mine in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. Reddit User Glanter made a map on where to find the lead deposits in the mines. Players can get at least 420 lead from each lead deposit in the mine and can get up to 1650 lead when they leave the mine.

Alternatively, players can find gyms and dismantle weights, dumbells, and various heavy lifting gym equipment to get lead. Here's a list of how much Lead players can get from these weights:

  • 160lb weight - 10 Lead
  • 20lb dumbbell - 5 Lead
  • 25lb weight - 5 Lead
  • 40lb barbell - 5 Lead
  • 5lb weight - 2 Lead
  • 80lb barbell - 7 Lead
  • 80lb curlbar - 7 Lead

Collect as much as it's possible to carry to have a stockpile of Lead to make more ammo for guns. Newer firearms introduced may have new craftable ammo introduced along with it. It's generally better to prepare for these new items as the best weapons in the game are mostly firearms.