Fallout 76 Is Adding World Customisation Through Fallout Worlds

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Bethesda is going all-in on its support for Fallout 76. With the recent launch of the Steel Reign update, fans are also anticipating a Halloween event for the multiplayer RPG.

But September's next big update has been announced and it comes with a surprising twist.


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Fallout 76 Is Adding World Customisation Through Fallout Worlds

In support of its expansive modding community's support, Fallout 76 will introduce a new mode in Fallout Worlds.

Fallout Worlds brings a set of customization tools that allow players to craft their own experiences within the wasteland.


The expansive list of modifications possible can include unlimited ammo, spawning enemies to create a PVP environment, controlling weather conditions, the ability to construct C.A.M.P.S in restricted areas, and more. These tools will grow as more options will be added beyond the update's rollout.

Fallout Worlds will be split into two categories:

Public Worlds

Hand-crafted experiences that have been developed by Bethesda Game Studios themselves. These adventures will be rotated and updated with new ones on a regular basis.


Custom Worlds

Players can modify and build their own Appalachias on private dedicated servers. Vault dwellers can also invite their friends so you can experience your own personalized worlds together.

Custom Worlds is exclusive to Fallout 1st Subscribers, which carries a price tag of $12.99/month or $100/year. One person in a party needs to be a Fallout 1st member, otherwise the server will shut down.


Bethesda Worlds is available to trial today through the returning Public Test Servers, ahead of the update's launch in September.