Fallout 76 Acid Farm Locations (2021) | How & Where To Find a Lot of Acid

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When you play Fallout 76, then you might be familiar with acid which you can use in chemistry stations to smelt ore and craft gunpowder. Though this material is commonly used by players in the game, you still need to know how to produce it and where you can find it. And we are glad to help with how you may do so. Here's how and where you can find a lot of acid in Fallout 76.

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What Items Give You Acid In Fallout 76?

Here are the items you need to look for to produce acid in Fallout 76:

  • Abraxo Cleaner
  • Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade
  • Anti Freeze Bottle
  • Bag of Chlorine
  • Bag of Dogwood Fertilizer
  • Bag of Fertilizer
  • Beeswax
  • Bloatfly Gland
  • Bloodbug Proboscis
  • Coolant
  • Cracked Deathclaw Egg
  • Firefly Abdomen
  • Floater Gnasher Pus Sac
  • HalluciGen Gas Canister
  • Hive Paper
  • Honey Beast Wing
  • Ichor Sac
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Makeshift Battery
  • Stingwing Barb
  • Suprathaw Antifreeze
  • Tom Mothman Wing
  • Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner
  • Waste Acid
  • Wendigo Teeth

Also, there are monsters that give you acid every time you beat them. Those are:

  • Cave Crickets
  • Grafton Monster
  • Snallygasters
  • Yao Guai

Best Locations To Farm Acid In Fallout 76?

The fastest farming method comes from defeating the monsters mentioned above. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Cave Crickets – Some of the best locations to look for those include Tanagra Town, where it is in the Mire on the far eastern side of your map. Just head south from your spawn area and move forward until you see a cave that houses some crickets which can give you acid.
  • Grafton Monster – You can find Grafton Monsters in the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters and Charleston Capitol Building. Most of the monsters you can find in both areas are inside the buildings or structures, so having an organized way of searching is advisable.
  • Snallygasters – These monsters can be found in Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go and Charleston. Most of the time, they are already present in the spawn areas of both locations. So, it is best to be ready once you land your feet on those as the farming will begin immediately.
  • Yao Guai – Yao Guai is one of the most notable monster types that you can encounter in Fallout 76. You can look for these in Miner’s Monument, Monongah Overlook, Mountainside Bed and Breakfast, Phillipi Battlefield Cemetery, and Dolly Sods Wilderness. Going to these locations can give you the highest chances of farming acid.

But for everyone’s knowledge, here’s where you can find some of the items that can produce acid in Fallout 76:

  • Hornwright air purifier site – You can look for four industrial cleaners here (both from 01 and 03 locations). These are essential in giving acid, especially with their base value of 10 per item.
  • Whitespring Resort – A handful of Abraxo Cleaners can be found in this area. Each of those has a base value of 28 for the industrial-grade variants, while the undamaged ones have 16.
  • Neighboring Homesteads – Here, you can locate up to 11 bags of fertilizer which all have a base value of 11.

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