Fallout 3 Fan Recreates Game Based on Its Original Tech Demo

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It's been 13 years since Fallout 3 launched but players are still doing interesting things around it. Now, one fan shared his desire to recreate Fallout 3 - closer to the way Black Isle Studios first envisioned it.

As spotted by TechRaptor, this project comes from Adam Lacko, who shared how he programmed his own version of the game based on the 2003 tech demo of Fallout 3. Having leaked in 2007, that was codenamed 'Van Buren' at the time.


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Fallout 3 Fan Recreates The Game Based On Its Tech Demo Years Ago

Lacko shared his work through a tweet, where he also added his own flavour to the reimagined version of Fallout 3. That includes haze of war (Fog of War) and Pip Boy's Automap since according to Lacko, both of those "use the same base system."


Elsewhere with Fallout, Bethesda boss Todd Howard recently revealed that Fallout 5 is being proposed, though ideas were being brainstormed. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.