"You have no friends! You’re a failure!" xQc explodes at Stream Sniper For Harassing Him Through Multiple Games of Fall Guys

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In Fall Guys, players are supposed to drive a wedge between each other and get a little frustrated. However, we've all encountered that one player who hangs behind and keeps you from winning just for a laugh. As a streamer, it's even worse since trolls can actually watch streamers rage rather than just imagine it.

Félix' xQc' Lengyel was playing Fall Guys and having a terrible time because a stream sniper kept ruining every game they were both in. xQc wasn't just harassed once or twice, but pretty much constantly. All of this culminated in xQc exploding with the worse rage I've ever seen and a slew of insults aimed at the troll.


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Fall Guys Rage

When xQc was at Fall Guys Thin Ice level, abuse reached a fever pitch. The troll kept pulling on him and trying to make him fall. xQc jumped at the right time, causing the troll to fall instead.
In the end, xQc let it all out in a big bad wolf fashion:

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Here's what he said in victory if you didn't understand some of it:

"You're done! You're done! You have no friends! You're a failure! You're a degenerate! Nobody likes you! You'll never [sexual comment]. I get it—you're lonely! Quiet! [xQc speed speech]."

I've never seen xQc turn so red before. However, he lets up and says this next clip, which I love:

I'm glad to end this one on a positive note.