Fall Guys: How To Unlock The Ninja Skin

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Fall Guys Season 3 has now released all over the world.

Although the game is not nearly as popular as it once was, players are still loving all of the new features with the new season.


A while ago, there was a bidding war between certain online personalities to see who could get their skin implemented into Fall Guys.

Ninja, the popular streamer and competitive player was one of the four to get a skin added into the game.

Here's how to get the skin and how much it costs! 




The Ninja skin is now available for purchase within the Fall Guys item shop.

The skin was originally slated to cost 5 crowns for the top piece and 5 for the bottom.

But, a tweet announcing the skin's appearance in the shop has confirmed it is a lot cheaper than 5 crowns. 



@Ninja is now in the store and he only costs:

1 X Crown Top1 X Crown Bottom

So let's see some 100% Ninja lobbies  


We've also got a special show going live in 6 minutes of Ninja's favourite rounds!  

Where we falling guys???

So, this skin does not cost much at all!

Let us know if you picked up the Ninja skin within Fall Guys.