Fall Guys Gate Crash: Final Jump, How To Win, Strategy Guide, Tips And Tricks And Everything You Need To Know

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Fall Guys is the game that everyone is talking about and you may find you're lacking a few crowns

Season 2 isn't far off and with new stages arriving you'll want to be familiar with the current ones.

Gate Crash, although seemingly simple, requires great timing to get yourself over the many hurdles in your way.

This race needs meticulous timing and requires you to focus on the task at hand rather than the other players.

Here's our guide to Gate Crash.

What Is Gate Crash?

Gate Crash is a race stage and pits you against all other players in the lobby.

Every bean starts at one end of the stage and must make it to the other end, but there are a series of raising doors that will attempt to block your way

The doors will rise from the floor, in sequence and stay raised for a period of time.

Your mission is to get through these gates and make it all the way to the end.

The Final Jump?

The Final Jump is tricky because you're not in control of your movement speed and so this requires the most precise timing.

Remember to time the slime! Each door stays closed for 1.5 seconds.

When you approach the final door, pick any door you wish.

Wait until the door is fully closed and then start your descent down the slide.

By the time you reach the gate, it will have opened enough for you to jump through.

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If you're still unsure, try aiming for the middle of two doors as you may be able to decide which gate to take closer to the end.

Strategy, Tips And Tricks

Starting Position Is Key (1st Set Of Gates)

Your starting position is key to which door you should take from the start.

The first three gates open in a particular sequence - going from left, right middle or 1, 3, 2.

If you're on the left side of the starting grid, head to get #1 directly in front of you.

If you're in the middle and in the front two rows, go through gate #2 (the middle gate in front of you). But if you're in the back two rows, head for gate #1 or #3 (left or right).

If you're on the right and in the front two rows, head through gate #2 (the middle gate). But if you're in the back two rows, head for gate #3 (the right gate in front of you).

Alternate Gates (2nd & 3rd Set Of Gates)

You should be able to clear the first two gates easily, once you hit the third set of gates, try to alternate to different gates.

This is because the timing of the gates will unlikely allow you to continue in one direction. The first few gates will stay up for roughly two seconds, so be sure to count how long a gate has been up for so you know whether to move to a different one.

Be Patient (4th Set Of Gates)

The fourth set of gates may require some patience, but you'll want to aim for the middle two gates.

All four-gates rise up at the same time, with the middle two lowering after two seconds. They then rise up again for two seconds, before all four lower to the ground.

You can try to curve your run if your timing is off, to keep your bean moving and keep your momentum going.

Run Down The Middle Of Two Doors (5th Set Of Gates)

The penultimate set of gates raise alternatively and stay elevated for one second. This sequence is continuous so you should see one gate up, one gate down, one gate up, one gate down etc.

Aim for the middle of two of these gates, this way you can judge which gate to take as you get closer to them; then quickly spring into action.

When you're about three steps away and you see one gate open and one gate closed, you want to head for the gate that is closed as it will open up as you move through it.

Time The Slime (Final Set Of Gates)

This gate needs the best timing of all, each gate closes for about 1.5 seconds. Pick any of the three gates and wait until it is fully closed.

Once it's fully closed you'll want to make your way down the slime, by the time you reach the gate it will have opened enough for you to jump through.

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