Fall Guys Season 2.5 Update: Fan Big Yeet Little Update Patch Notes

Fall Guys, Mediatonic's game show inspired battle royale phenomenon, is still kicking with Season 2.

Those cheeky folks at Mediatonic have continued to add more to the game, and the latest "Fan Big Yeet Little" update adds more than just a new mode.

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Patch Notes

  • Show Selector now lets you queue for multiple shows at the same time
  • Improved stability when playing in parties!
  • New Language selection option in-game
  • Lowered chance of Medieval Rounds, Perfect Match, and Tail Tag
  • Fix: Falling through tiles on Hex-A-Gone
  • Fix: Losing jump inputs, especially on Jump Showdown
  • Fix: Grabbing the crown on Fall Mountain and hanging from it instead of winning
  • Fix: Infallible achievement sometimes not unlocking
  • Fix: Falling on flat surfaces

Fall Guys: Fan Big Yeet Little Update

The headline addition is Big Fans, a new level that has players floating across a chasm via, you guessed it, big fans.

It's the usual chaos that fans have come to enjoy, with obstacles to dodge all while bumping other players out of the way.

The "Yeet Little" part of the update comes courtesy of a smaller version of Big Yeetus, the previously added hammer that sends players flying.

Little Yeetus is snuck into levels, and can both help and hinder players, depending on what way they send you.

You see, it's clever because there's little yeetus' hidden throughout the levels Very small - very low probabilityAlso there's a new level called Big FansFan Big Yeet LittlePerfection😗👌
— Fall Guys 👑 (@FallGuysGame)
November 3, 2020

The update also brings bug fixes, as well as remixed versions of levels, including Fruit Chute where every fruit is a banana.

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