Fall Guys Door Dash: How To Tell Fake Doors, Strategy Guide, Tips And Tricks And Everything You Need To Know

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With Fall Guys sweeping the internet, you may be struggling to earn a crown for yourself.

Season 2 is just around the corner and with more stages being added, it's important you master the current ones.


Door Dash, although simple, can be one of the most brutal modes in the game.

It requires a huge amount of luck and correct guessing BUT there are some tricks you can employ to get yourself through without looking foolish.

Here's our guide to Door Dash.

What Is Door Dash?

Door Dash is a race stage and pits you against all other players in the lobby.

Every bean starts at one end of the stage and must make it to the other end, but there are a series of doors in the way.

These doors are both real and fake, with the fake ones not opening and stopping you in your tracks.


Your mission is to guess which doors are real to make it all the way to the end.

How To Tell If A Door Is Fake?

There are no standout ways to tell if a door is fake or not, but in the final three rows, there are some simple tells to figure out which are the breakable doors.

The breakable doors are shorter than the fake ones and you can see which doors are breakable before the game even begins.

You'll need to pay close attention to the doors in the pre-game flyover (this is when the camera pans up and down the stage showing off what's ahead).

The easiest one to identify is the very last door when the camera turns back around you can see the last three doors and you should be able to notice that one is shorter than the other two.

In the image below, you should be able to see that the door on the right is shorter and thus the breakable door.


SPOT THE FAKE: The fake door on the right is shorter than the rest

Now with the other two rows, it can be a little more tricky to spot, especially in the heat of the game. But the same concept applies.

This time, look at the pink arrow at the bottom of the doors. You should notice that the breakable doors are slightly smaller.

WHICH IS IT?: Look out for the small pink triangle at the bottom of the door

Another small detail is that the breakable doors are sat slightly forward, which can easily be seen because there is a small pink gap between the teeth and the door on the fake doors.

You'll want to go through any doors that do not have a gap between the teeth and the doors.


It can be hard to tell, but after some practice, you should get the hang of it and it's the best way to get through if you're leading the pack.

Strategy, Tips And Tricks

Let Others Figure It Out

The strategy for this stage is that you do not want to be leading the pack.

Due to the fact that there are so many other players and plenty of spots to qualify, you can afford to coast towards the back of the pack and watch everyone else figure out which doors it is.

Allow other players to open the path for you by face checking doors, then with your newly acquired knowledge spring into action to burst through.

Positioning Is Key


Stick to an area that has 2-3 doors and a number of players with you, that way you can quickly react to what happens in front of you.

Jump Dive Into The Crowd

If a doorway is becoming over-crowded and making it tough for players to get through jump-dive into the herd and crowd surf your way through.

This is the only time you should dive, try not to do it unless you need to.

But do dive once you pass through the final door to give you a bit extra distance.

Be Patient

By sitting back and waiting for others to open the way for you, you may feel like you're majorly falling behind and get impatient.


Try to stay calm and remember that players will drop out the less doors become available and if you can tell which doors are real in the final three rows, you'll be fine.