Fall Guys: Devs At Mediatonic Promise To Take ‘More Immediate Action’ Against Cheaters

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Mediatonic, the developer behind the smash-hit battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is setting its sights on anyone caught cheating.

Banning Cheaters In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Currently, there’s no easy in-game method for reporting, but anti-cheat software in the game detects instances of cheating and gives the offending player the ban hammer as soon as the match ends. In theory, anyway.

“Dealing with cheaters is a top priority for us,” community manager Oliver Hindle said in a post from the official Fall Guys Twitter account.

“At the moment, when a cheater is detected, they are able to finish the current show before being blocked,” the tweet explains.

“We are going to start taking more immediate action soon.”


Hindle added, “As mentioned before: it isn’t necessary to manually report cheaters.”

According to Mediatonic, if you’ve encountered five cheaters in the span of a long play session, you can rest assured that those five players were banned the moment after your game ended.

To check out what’s to come in Fall Guys season two, tune into Gamescom’s Opening Night Live broadcast on Thursday, August 27, at 2 p.m. Eastern.