Fall Guys And Fortnite Crossover Leaked - New Skins Coming Soon

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Although the hype surrounding Fall Guys is not what it used to be, the game is still progressing along smoothly.

With the recently released mid-season update not too long ago, the game is continuing to push boundaries in terms of skins.

Now, a new leaked collaboration with Fortnite appears to be coming soon.

Here's what you need to know!



FNLeaksAndInfo posted a brand new leak over the weekend.

The leak details that some new content was implemented within the game files of Fall Guys which alludes to some Fortnite skins coming to the game soon.

Check out the leak down below! 

Fortnite X Fall Guys will be coming in the future!

Some new strings were just added to the Fall Guys content system:

  • fortnite_01 - Llama
  • fortnite_02 - Cuddle Team Leader
  • fortnite_03 - Peely
  • fortnite_04 - Bunny Brawler
  • fortnite_05 - Ripley

This collab may start around Easter considering Bunny Brawler is one of the cosmetics to be added!

While it does not appear that the Fall Guys mascot will be making its way to Fortnite.

Players will soon be able to jump into Fall Guys wearing some of their favorite Fortnite skins! 

Be sure to let us know if you will be picking up some of these new skins within Fall Guys when they release.