What to Expect from the Fall Guys 4.5 Update

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Fall Guys 4.5 is coming soon, and while we won’t be seeing Fall Guys on Switch and Xbox anytime soon (thanks a lot, crossplay), there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Fall Guys updates always bring new costumes and frequently add new courses or fresh twists on existing ones.

So far, we know the basics of what Mediatonic plans to add in Fall Guys 4.5, but the developer hasn’t shared much in the way of specifics.


It’s not surprising. The original goal was launching Fall Guys on Switch and Xbox before summer, and with crossplay adding difficulties, the team is focused on ironing out these bugs and some glitches in the current version.

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Still, here’s some of what we can expect to see from Fall Guys 4.5

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Fall Guys 4.5 Latest News

Update 13th May - Season 4.5 Patch notes are here!

New skins coming with Fall Guys 4.5 have leaked. It includes new outfits based on Nier Automata, Tron Legacy and Bomberman. You can take a closer look down below in our updated section on the new skins coming to the game.

Fall Guys 4.5 New Rounds

Fall Guys 4.5 will add two new rounds. What these are and how they fit in with existing rounds, Mediatonic hasn’t said. They probably won’t say anytime soon either, but the beta teaser Mediatonic released shows what looks like a giant pinball table as one of the new rounds.


Fall Guys 4.5 New Skins

The next Fall Guys update will also include four new skins. These are all based on fall outfits, though again, there’s no sneak peak didn’t make it clear what skins we can expect — not least because the beans are all clipping through each other.

[Update 4 May, 2021] - The new skins coming to Fall Guys 4.5 appear to have leaked online ahead of launch. YouTuber KrxnkyFG has got the full scoop on the video below, and based on what we can see the team at Mediatonic are bringing in costumes based on several popular franchises including Nier Automata, Tron Legacy and Bomberman.

Have a closer look below: