F1 2019: How To Create A League, Finding Leagues And How They Work

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Off the back of the last F1 2019 livestream, where Codemasters took us around the full game menus, they have taken to Youtube again to explain how leagues will work in their next game. During this livestream, they explain how F1 2019 leagues work, how to create and customise as well as the benefits of having a league.

F1 2019 releases on the 28th June (next week), pre-orders are still available. In the livestream (below) we were taken through the many different aspects of leagues from Chief Game Designer Gav Cooper. Lets recap you with what went down and explain how leagues will work.


What Is A League?


Starting off with the basics - what is a league? As you would expect in any sport, leagues are built up of a collection of participants that compete against each other over a period for a championship.

Gav Cooper likened it to a "guild". In leagues you can join an already existed league, create your own league and even delegate admins to run it.

Leagues are extremely popular in F1 2018. Codemasters are giving the opportunity to host leagues within the game, without the need to organise and track them manually. This is an incredible addition and very well structured. You no longer need to find a group of people to enjoy a league with and you can play with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There are two major action points in the league menus for you to work with: 'Find league' and 'Create League'.

How To Find A League

When you enter the 'Find League' section, you will automatically be prompted to join a list of public leagues that are appropraite for you e.g. leagues that are within your geographical location.

'Advanced Search' allows you to get more specific when trying to find a league. Here you can find a league by name or based on the criteria you want e.g. start time, day of the week, lap limit, assistance and more.

Each league will display the full list of drivers, race settings, track list and calendar so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to join the league.


How To Create A League

When you create a league you will need to give it a name, geographical location, league pattern and league colour to identify it from the rest.

Once you've done that you need to set the league schedule. There are two ways to schedule your league by setting the appropriate 'progression format':

Scheduled Format - You can have a hard-set time e.g. Tuesday at 7pm. This is great for playing with people online that you don't know and can't communicate easily with.

On Demand Format - In this format, the next event is always ready to go (all that is needed is a league admin and one other player). This is a great fit for friends that can communicate easily and organise to race when they want.

Next, you need to set the start date and determine the track list, as well as how many events you want (there must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25).

Following this, you can then customise the settings for the league as well as add a description to the league that potential participants will see. You can also set the privacy of the league (public or private) and determine who or how you would like to initiate new entrants.


Unique Features

There are lots of other unique features that we encourage you watch the livestream to see them all.

One of the biggest talking points was surrounding changes made in a league; this is done by a democracy. If an owner of a league changes the league settings, a message is sent to every player’s inbox to decide whether they want to accept these changes. If over half of the league votes in favour, the changes will be made.

A voting system can also be employed to kick people from the league or change the date of a race – postponements require a unanimous vote.

In private leagues, admins and owners can also shuffle the race standings post race. If someone has been deemed to be unworthy of their finish in the previous race, they can be moved to reflect that; this ultimately effects the points given to all players. In both public and private leagues you can also apply grid penalties to drivers for the next race.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91