Rare's Everwild Started Development Over Five Years Ago

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Rare's upcoming adventure is something of a mystery right now. First announced in 2019, we got a second trailer last year at the Xbox Games Showcase, but we don't know a lot about it. All we know is that it's set in a magical world, where a group of humans called Eternals are tasked with watching over it.

So far, all we've seen are CGI trailers, which usually indicate a game's not particularly far into development. However, one eagle eyed fan has noticed Everwild's been development since 2016, meaning Rare's worked on it for over 5 years now, alongside Sea of Thieves.

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Rare's Everwild Started Development Over Five Years Ago

As spotted by Twitter user MonsterWer, several LinkedIn profiles for Rare employees go back several years for this upcoming title, with one stating they've been developing Everwild's setting since 2016. However, one comment from a separate employee suggests active development only began in 2019.

As it stands, we don't have any idea when its likely to release but there's been speculation that Everwild is years away. As such, we'd be surprised if Everwild shows up at E3 2021, but we won't have long before finding out.

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