Xbox Series S Price Reduced In Japan - Will The Rest Follow?

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The highly anticipated next-generation consoles have not had their pre-orders sell out.

Although it could have gone better for most consumers, many are happy with their console of choice.


Now, a price reduction for the Series S has a lot of people shaking their head.

Lower Price, Already? 

The official Xbox Japan Twitter account posted the following tweet, it noted that the price of the console is being revised.

Originally it was listed 32,980 yen which converts to around $315 USD.


Now, the console has had its price reduced to 29,980 yen or $285 USD after the conversion.

This seems to be a significant price reduction in a short period of time.


No reasoning was given behind the price change.


One can assume it is to lure consumers in Japan towards the Series S rather than the PS5.

But, we do not know the exact reason and we are sure Japanese customers are not complaining about the price reduction.

NA and EU To Follow? 

We do not know as of now if Microsoft is going to lower the price of the Series S for the rest of the world.


It seems highly unlikely, especially considering that pre-orders have already happened.

But you never know!