Where To Find The Big Chill And Apply Ice Feet To Opponents In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

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Here’s another Operation Snowdown challenge guide for you, and this one will be a little tougher.

The quest itself, to use the Big Chill to apply ice feet to opponents shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.


That is once you have the Big Chill launcher.

We’re here to tell you where you can grab it so you can earn a cool 20,000XP and be one step closer to becoming Snowmando.

Where Is The Big Chill?

The Big Chill grenade launcher is a new exotic weapon in Chapter 2 Season 5.


Like all the other exotic weapons you have to buy it off an NPC and in this case, it’s Snowmando.

Here is where you can find them, you should be able to spot their speech bubble on the map as you get near.

They hang out next to a Snow Cones truck, and at the time of writing, this is the only location they spawn at.


When you talk to them you should be able to buy the Big Chill for 1,455 Gold Bars.

That is a lot, but if you’ve been grinding out bounties and quests all season you should have more than enough!

Once you have it, you’ll have to go and carefully find an enemy to freeze the feet of.

If you get killed, then you’ll have to earn a lot of Gold Bars back before you can buy it again, so watch out!


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