IO Guard Locations - Where To Find IO Guards In Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

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IO Guards have been the bane of many players throughout Chapter 2 Season 5, but now it’s time to fight back.

The Week 5 Legendary Quest will require players to eliminate 50 of these NPC characters.


This may seem like a tall challenge but if you know where to find them you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

So we’re here to tell you where you can find IO Guards and can complete Season 5’s Week 5 Legendary Challenge.

Where Do IO Guards Spawn?

Io Guards seem to spawn randomly but that is not the case.


Their elevators drop down onto the island when players approach specific spots.

As of the time of writing, those locations can be seen on the map below:

Source: Mang0e


When you get near one, three IO Guards should drop in though you can very occasionally get a nice elevator which instead contains a teddy bear and chests

Source: u/dagerdev

Other items and characters, like Midas’ Chair and the two remaining Shadow and Ghost Henchmen, can also drop in.


But very infrequently, so if you keep dropping in and spawning elevators you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing the challenge!

Check out our guide here if you want specific help for how you can defeat the IO Guards when you find them!

Good luck completing the Season 5 Week 5 Legendary Quest!