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24 Feb 2021

Deal Damage To A Loot Shark In Fortnite - How To Find A Loot Shark And Deal Damage For The Week 9 Season 5 Quest

The Fortnite Week 9 challenges are out and as always we are here to lend a hand.

It looks like this week’s quests see the NPCs start to notice more strange things about the Island and we also get some fun Sea-themed challenges too!

Now it's time to become the hunter!

Let's go look for some sharks!

Where To Find Loot Sharks

You can find Loot Sharks near the abandoned Shark Prison.

Specifically one often spawns near this waypoint:

We found one here in most matches we played!

Though before you go fight you will need to go grab some weapons and shields.

The Loot Shark will eat you if you aren't careful!

How To Damage A Loot Shark

If you want to fight a Loot Shark get on dry land!

Now start shooting at the Shark with an AR.

Eventually, the shark will launch out of the water, so get out of the way as it will smash through builds with ease!

While it's on the land, blast it with a Shotgun to bring the Loot Shark down!

Deal enough damage to the Loot Shark and the challenge should be done!