When Will The GTA Online Winter Update 'Festive Surprise' Release?

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GTA Online to this day is still a popular feature of GTA 5, so much so that content released years ago is still to this day played consistently.

One such feature is Heists, where players get together to plan an extended mission, separated with acts and the final big pay-out mission.


Now, we are looking ahead to the next major update for GTA Online.

As of now, we can assume this will be the GTA Online Winter Update

Here's when we expect the update to release! 


Winter Update 2020

As of now, we can expect Rockstar to roll out some sort of Winter content update for GTA Online.

This has been the case every year up until now, so we do not see why Rockstar would stop releasing one.


Last year the event was called 'Festive Surprise' and Rockstar noted the event as: 

"Los Santos is getting into the holiday spirit in a big way. Local businesses, including The Diamond Casino & Resort, are decking their halls with towering trees, boughs of holly and wreathes of glittering tinsel. Retail workers have been driven halfway insane stocking the shelves with crate after crate of holiday-themed clothing, accessories and weaponry. And Weazel News' crackpot weather team have even forecast a rare spate of snowfall in the coming days, meaning you and your buddies can get together and indulge in an honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned snowball fight."

According to GTAFandom.com the event offered the following: 

  • Store Updates
  • Bonuses
  • Discounts
  • Snowfall Phenomenon

All of these were offered over the course of the event, and players were able to take advantage of all of them!


Release Date

Rockstar has not confirmed the release date for the 2020 Winter Update.


However, we can speculate on the release date based on the 2019 iteration. 

Festive Surprise ran from December 19, 2019 until January 5, 2020, so we assume the event this year will be around the same time.

Expect some sort of announcement from Rockstar in the days leading up to Christmas!


More News

Stay peeled for news regarding the event on social media or other outlets.

We are bound to know more news regarding the Winter Update as the days draw closer!