Warzone Season 2 Update Is "Horrific" According To Dr Disrespect

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Warzone's Season 2 update dropped last week and it hasn't taken long for the community to draw their own conclusions as to how it's impacted the game.

While some are enjoying the new content that the Season 2 Battle Pass has brought and the new POIs, many aren't quite feeling what has been added.


Dr Disrespect, one of the most vocal community members, has also given his verdict on the latest update and it's not what you expect.

Here's what he had to say about it.

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Dr Disrespect's Review Of The Warzone Season 2 Update Is Surprising

So what does he make of the new update? It seems it's not what the Doctor ordered as reported by Dexerto.


He joins a list of well-known content creators that aren't enjoying the new update, including YouTube and Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who called the new update "horrible".

The two-time champion was so irate with the update he went as far as labelling it as "horrific" in a now privated video.

During a recent stream, The Doc and his duo partner ZLaner found themselves being sent to the Gulag.

“It’s pretty clear the game is not attracting new people, right now, and people are getting lost, they’re turning into zombies, they don’t know what to do,” Doc said, complaining about stream snipers.


Stream sniping has been an issue in Battle Royale games and while developers aim to add all the tools to combat it, some still find a way to frustrate their intended target.

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“This patch is horrific,” he added. “I mean, to really hype up this, it’s f**king terrible. This is so… yeah.”

While I won't pretend that the update was perfect, I think as a whole this has been one of the best updates to Warzone for a while and then when you package it with Cold War; it's fantastic.


It would have been very easy for Raven Software to implement limited changes, they've done a great job of evolving the lore and the POIs on the map.

But then again, I don't have to worry about being hunted down in Verdansk on a daily basis by keyboard warriors looking to film a new Tik Tok video.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that the intro cinematic, which was added in the update, is an offence to the ears.