Warzone: How To Get The Iron Curtain Vehicle Skin

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Cosmetic items have always been a massive part of any battle royale.

If there is any chance to get a unique skin, players will jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat.


Now, a new vehicle skin has players hunting for it.

Here's how to get it!


Iron Curtain Skin

The skin itself is just a simple truck skin that you can use in Warzone.

It has the same colorway/style of a truck from the Cold War era, hence the name!

YouTuber Geeky Pastimes talked about how to quickly get the Iron Curtain skin, and it is a simple process.



How To

The process in order to get this skin is quite easy, below are some of the tasks you'll have to complete!

  • Head over to pawntakespawn.com
  • Sign in/make an account for the site
  • Then you are going to want to head over to pawntakespawn.com/invisbletruths
  • It is going to ask you for six keys, and you can put the following keywords in these spaces.


  • Fugazifile
  • Burnbag
  • Intelfire
  • Infohax
  • Shreditall
  • Gridsquare

Once you complete this simple task, an achievement will pop up on your screen called 'Advanced Pawn'

There is also a button you can click where you go and claim your reward for getting this achievement. 

The reward is the Iron Curtain skin!

Once you redeem the code on the Call of Duty website, you will find it on your inventory next time you load the game up!