Valve release official details surrounding Dota 2’s latest update; The Balance of Power!

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Following a series of speculation and leaks, Valve have finally released the official details surrounding Dota 2’s 6.86 update; The Balance of Power.

The update is set to revolutionise Dota 2, as the ’Balance of Power’ implements a new hero - Arc Warden, an Arcana for Zeus, the Desert Terrain pack, several UI improvements and the 6.86 gameplay update.


Arguably the most significant change within the update is the addition of the Arc Warden Hero, who finally transitions into Dota 2. The “fractured guardian” is able to “assault lone enemies with fluxing energy, or distort space to generate a protective field around allies. Summon a Spark Wraith to patrol an area for enemies to infuse with harmful magic, then create a double of Zet, items and all, to overwhelm your foes.”

In addition to the introduction of the lighting elemental themed Arc Warden Hero, the update also implements an arcana item for Zeus, the Helm of the Thundergod. As a result, Zeus has also received a full overhaul, as the iconic deity acquires a new base model, texture, sound effects, animations, portrait, hero icon, ability icon, voice, mount and chat emoticon.

On top of that, fans who purchased The International 2015 Compendium have received the Desert terrain pack, along with three exclusive music tracks.

There is also a plethora of new items, several user interface and graphic adjustments and more. To check out the full update notes click here


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