Valorant: New Animations and VFX Teased By Riot!

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The tactical five versus five shooter from Riot Games is progressing well. 

The game has a steady player base along with some fantastic community support, especially from Riot themselves. 


A new tease from one of the Riot developers has all but confirmed a massive overhaul to the melee animations.



A Reddit post gathered a lot of attention with the announcement of a new skin bundle coming on the 30th of September.


In the past, some players have expressed their frustration with Riot and their design of some skins.

Simple reskins of the standard knife has not gone well with fans.

One of the Riot developers was talking to some of the members of the subreddit in regards to how they felt skins and animations should/shouldn't work. 

Reddit user cupidstoleyograndma expressed how they are hoping this knife has a different animation than previous ones. 


This triggered a response by another Riot developer who was curious about what they were looking for.

The original comment was: 

"if there’s a different animation to this knife instead of a flip or boring default pull out (I’m not calling current animation uncreative just want something different) I would probably buy this bundle twice lol, other than that this is a really cool bundle will fs get the classic and operator, but hopefully a new pullout animation"

There was a bit of back and forth with other users, as it is not every day you get to give direct feedback with one of the developers.


It appears they are listening as well, as they noted: 

"We're definitely evaluating all of this though, just taking a look at where we put the majority of our efforts to see if theres adjustments we can make. Its all tradeoffs and we're willing to make them :)"

So, there seems to be hope for the future of Valorant's cosmetics.

Riot has produced some of the best-looking skins to date, but there are some minor changes that fans want to be made.


Adding additional knife animations to the game seems like a fantastic idea for both sides!