Valorant Cracking Down on Smurfs Harder In 1.13 Patch

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Valorant is looking to crack down even more on smurf accounts in the upcoming 1.13 patch for the game!

This follows previous steps by Riot, the game’s developers, to crack down on smurfing in the game.


Here’s everything we know about changes coming to the game and what they mean for one of ranked play’s most annoying aspects!

What is Smurfing?

Smurfing is a practice in competitive games where players will have two accounts, one which they grind out on, and another where they purposely drop in rankings to face off against lesser-skilled players.


This then means the very skilled player completely destroys their opponents because the game thinks they are much worse than they really are.

It’s a really annoying trend which can leave legitimate players feeling bitter about matches.

Though Valorant’s new strategy could make it harder for new players to start creating smurf accounts!

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Valorant 1.13 Patch Smurfing Fix

Valorant is a free-to-play game, and previously the only barrier to ranked play was to play ten unranked matches.

This made it easy to create a new account and enter ranked, as players could just sit AFK in ten matches if they really wanted.

When the next patch drops, the ten matches will become ten wins, a minor but significant difference.


In response to a post on Reddit,  Game Producer u/npcSara replied to a post saying that a 10 win restriction would help the problem by saying, “We’ll be doing this in the next patch.”

The reason this is awesome is two-fold, not only does the change makes entering ranked more time consuming and it will also mean that Valorant can more accurately assess a player’s skill when they finally enter ranked.

Rather than basing their skill level on potentially 10 losses, Valorant will see how the account plays when the player is going for a win and can assess them accordingly.

If this is exactly how the system will work is yet to be seen, but this news is certainly good for any Valorant players looking to enjoy a game without being demolished unfairly!


As we learn more we’ll be sure to update you!

Let us know what you think of smurfing, is it a bad practice or a fun way to inflate your K/D ratio?